As Autumn Makes Way for Winter

As Autumn Makes Way for Winter

This morning I woke up 1-2 inches of snow blanketing the yard.  The last of the garden greens and kale were frozen a couple weeks ago.  And now the covercrop is frozen and done as well.  The chickens are not lovers of snow.  So the place has fallen quiet as they pace the yard and glare at us for putting the white stuff all over. 

Shabbar and I spent a few moments together hauling firewood, taking stock of the place and selecting a young rooster for a quick Halal butcher.  And finally, after 6 consecutive weeks of travel between Shabbar and I, we are all home and under one roof for the coming weeks.  

After an hour spent with the Wisconsin Farmers Union Emerging Leader Retreat,  we were home and tucked in to the homestead for the rest of the weekend.  Here are the things I am working on and thinking about:

The Granny Square Afghan I hope to finish this weekend - follow this link for a magic circle tutorial

Tandoori Shabbar-BQ! (our all too often Indian comfort food meal)  - see page 15 of the attached newsletter for this recipe!

The meal we kicked our weekend off with- Roasted Veggie Miso Rice Bowl-  loosely adapted to satisfy what we had at home from Smitten Kitchen

The way I am embracing Hygge this winter - I am writing more on this!  Hopefully there will be a new blog post next week on the satisfying act of making things cozy, and building the light from within.

An upcoming trip to Houston and as we'll be there a bit earlier than other relatives, what we might do while waiting for the other visitors to arrive and begin our Thanksgiving celebration in earnest.  

How the down season might look for Wooly Thyme Micro Farm- no spoilers here, I am very unsure of how the coming busy season might look.  There is sure to be some ruminating this cold season on the subject.

What I might sell at the TRCCS Holiday Faire this December 3,2017.  I am all ears.  If you have any ideas, by all means, let me know!

How I might find a way to bake and sell more pies.... I LOVE making pie!!!  Here are two recipes that you might enjoy

...and that wraps up my list of wanderings today.  May you enjoy a weekend cloaked in quiet, an eye on Thanksgiving recipes and renewal of holiday traditions.  I would love to hear the things you are ruminating on as we head into the big chill and season we make our own light.


This Adventure is just Beginning...

This Adventure is just Beginning...