Welcome to the Micro Farm.


Salaam Alaikum!

Peace Be Upon You--  thank you for coming to check out the Wooly Thyme website.  We are proud of our small patch of land and all it produces.  Shabbar and I (Alicia) are just starting our third year of growing for others.  We operate a small CSA, egg delivery, Halal poultry offering and hope to include classes on mini-farming, chicken keeping and food making in the near future.  

By day, Shabbar is a Data Base Development Manager and I am the president of our tri-county chapter of Farmers Union/ mama volunteer.  Our farm duties are divided by talent.  Shabbar is the visionary-- he plans out the drip-tape irrigation system, rotation of plants and seed purchasing.  I am the worker bee--starting seedlings, weeding, and a myriad of business minded loose ends.

Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding our process, our place or our passion!

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